Bailey Middle School

Mr. Thompson's Class

Gateway To Technology | Middle School Engineering Program

Automation and Robotics

Activity 1.1.2 Introduction to Engineering

Activity 1.1.4 What is Technology?

Activity 1.2.1 Design Process

Activity 1.2.2 Design Elements

Activity 2.1.1b VEX Build

Activity 2.1.2 What Do We Use Robots For

Activity 2.1.2a Understanding Robots

Activity 2.2.1 Observing Mechanisms

Activity 2.2.2 Mechanical Gears

Activity 2.3.2 Robot Behaviors and Writing Pseudocode

Activity 2.3.3 Using ROBOTC

Activity 2.3.4 Pneumatic System (FT)

Activity 2.3.4a Traffic Signal Alerts (FT)

Lesson 1.1 What Is Engineering - Key Terms

Lesson 1.2 Design Process - Key Terms

Lesson 2.1 What is Automation and Robotics? - Key Terms

Lesson 2.2 Mechanical Systems - Key Terms

Lesson 2.3 Automated Systems - Key Terms

Project 1.1.3 STEM Investigation

Project 1.2.3 Furniture Design

Project 1.2.3.a Hobby Organizer Design

Project 2.2.3 Windmill Construction

Project 2.2.4 Pull Toy Construction

Project 2.2.5 Survival Challenge

Project 2.3.4 Automation Through Programming

Project 2.3.5 Simulated Factory Assembly Line